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Details of the Advanced Driving Test

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The Training

Now that you have reached this web-page, you should have read the preceding “The Test” page and have gained an insight into the standards required to pass the Advanced Driving Test.  You will also be aware that the test itself is based on the principles contained within “Roadcraft” and, if necessary, you should be re-familiarising yourself with the Highway Code.

The Tutors

Our tutors are all volunteers who give their time to help associate members to pass the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test.  All of our tutors have achieved the highest test grading of GOLD and are well experienced at providing the necessary guidance.

How it Works.

When a tutor becomes available that suits your location, the Training Officer will contact you to ascertain if you are ready to start training.  If you are ready, you will be provided with the tutor’s contact details.  All guidance will be carried out in your own vehicle and at times mutually agreed with your tutor.  The guidance provided by the Group is free.  Please remember that whilst the tutors give their time freely, they will have their own commitments etc too; please respect that.  Your tutors will not have any need to drive your vehicle; indeed, that would be contrary to RoSPA policy.

Training sessions (or drives as they are often known) follow our format as follows:

Initial/Drive 1.   Introductory briefing, documentation and short drive to assess your driving style, and awareness on the road.  This should be to your normal driving standard.  There is no need to feel under any pressure to impress, this is simply so that the tutor can determine your requirements. 

Drive 2 and onwards.  The tutor will explain what is going to be practised, the reasons why, and how/where/what you will be doing.  In essence, the topics covered will be those that form the basis of the Roadcraft System of Car Control and then the effect that these can have on your day-to-day driving.  Your tutor may also offer you a short demonstration drive in their own car at some future time, when you can see at first hand the standard of driving expected during your Test.

How do we improve your driving?  Your tutor will help you discover and practise key attributes of an Advanced driver, such as:

The best position for your car depending on the road you are using.

A foolproof method of ensuring that you are travelling at the correct speed for any given circumstance.

How to make your driving less stressful, less tiring, and much more enjoyable.

How receiving our training will make you a safer and more proficient driver.

It must be emphasised that all of your driving and training must be completely within the law if you are to be successful.  We will give you the opportunity to become a more accomplished driver and much safer on the roads.  Once your tutor considers that you are close to being test-ready, you will be asked to contact the Training Officer who will arrange for you to have a “pre-test” drive with a senior tutor.  This may highlight any potential weaknesses and allow us plenty of time to correct them.

Your Commitment to the Group.

As a general guideline, you should be prepared and be able to commit yourself to a two-hour driving session every two to three weeks.  However, because our tutors try to be as flexible as possible, they may vary the length of the sessions and frequency to suit individual circumstances.  Inevitably, there will be occasions that will impact on the schedule and this may cause delays, or excessively long gaps develop between sessions.  If such a situation arises more than occasionally, then please advise the tutor accordingly and keep the Training Officer informed.  Excessively long periods between training sessions impacts on the training waiting list and it be may be helpful to others if your training is postponed or delayed.  Please remember that to receive our help, you must remain a current member of the group - membership runs from 1 Dec to 30 Nov each year.  If your membership lapses, so does your eligibilty.